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Streamlining government services: UAE’s zero government bureaucracy initiative

Time frames will be lowered by at least half in facilitating the drive.

Time frames will be lowered by at least half in facilitating the drive.


In a bid to enhance the efficiency of service delivery, the UAE has embarked on a significant initiative – the Zero Government Bureaucracy program. Launched on Wednesday, this initiative aims to streamline government services by canceling at least 2,000 procedures, emphasizing quality, and fostering flexibility.

Building on Past Success:

The Zero Government Bureaucracy program builds upon the foundation laid by the Smart Government initiative introduced in 2013 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President, and Ruler of Dubai. This strategic move aligns with the national vision “We Are the Emirates 2031” and the ambitious UAE Centennial 2071 goal. 

The overarching objectives include reinforcing soft power, instilling Emirati values and ethics for future generations, enhancing productivity, and promoting community cohesion.

Minimizing Redundancies:

As part of the initiative, ministries and government agencies are tasked with slimming down their procedures. The goal is to eliminate at least 2,000 services, reduce time frames by half, and eradicate all unnecessary conditions and requirements by the year 2024.

Strategic Goals:

The Zero Government Bureaucracy initiative is not just about cutting back; it is a strategic move to modernize and optimize government services. By embracing this forward-looking approach, the UAE aims to set the stage for a more responsive and efficient public sector, contributing to the overarching goals of national development and progress.

Towards a Future-Ready Nation:

In line with the broader vision for the future, this initiative is a proactive step in shaping a government that is not only leaner but also more agile and responsive to the evolving needs of its citizens. 

The journey toward a Zero Government Bureaucracy signifies the UAE’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in the face of an ever-changing global landscape.

In conclusion, the UAE’s Zero Government Bureaucracy program marks a bold stride toward a more efficient, citizen-centric government, echoing the nation’s commitment to innovation and excellence on the path to its visionary goals.

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