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Stormy Weather Hits Dubai with Rain, Thunder, and Lightning

Stormy Weather Hits Dubai with Rain, Thunder, and Lightning

Unsettled Conditions Expected to Continue Across the UAE

Dubai experienced a dramatic evening of weather on Thursday as rain, thunder, and lightning swept through the city, marking the beginning of what the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts will be a series of stormy days ahead. This adverse weather, part of a broader pattern of unsettled conditions, affected various areas of the emirate, including significant downpours in the Mira district around 8 pm.

Weather Forecast for the Coming Days

The NCM has warned of continued instability in the weather, with predictions of rainfall extending into the early hours of Friday. The situation is due to a low surface pressure system moving in from the southwest, affecting not just Dubai but also parts of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Residents in these areas witnessed further rainfall later in the evening.

Looking ahead, the forecast suggests that the unsettled weather will persist, with heavy rain expected particularly in internal and southern regions of the Emirates starting Sunday. This will likely escalate into thunderstorms and lightning by Monday and continue into Tuesday. By Wednesday, the region is also expected to experience a noticeable drop in temperatures alongside the ongoing rainfall.

Recent Weather Trends

The UAE has seen a particularly unsettled start to the year, with this pattern of sporadic heavy rain and foggy mornings continuing from earlier months. In early March, the country recorded nearly six months’ worth of rain over a single weekend due to a major storm, leading to widespread disruptions including cancelled events, diverted flights, and closures of wadis and beaches.

Precautions and Public Safety

Given these forecasts, residents and visitors are advised to stay updated on weather conditions and take necessary precautions, especially when planning travel or outdoor activities. The frequent changes in weather can lead to challenging conditions on roads and exposed areas.

As the UAE braces for more adverse weather, the authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, ensuring that measures are in place to mitigate the impact of these stormy conditions on daily life and safety.

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