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Stories of Triumph: Expats in the UAE Win Big in Raffle Draws

Reymund intends to pay off his debts and start his own business by starting a grocery store in his home country.

Reymund, a 36-year-old Filipino expat and supervisor at a Dubai petrol station, experienced a miraculous turn of fate. 

Last week, with just Dh12 in his account, he became one of the fortunate winners of the Mahzooz Triple 100 Raffle Draw, bagging Dh100,000. 

Overjoyed, Reymund plans to settle his financial obligations and venture into entrepreneurship by opening a grocery store in his home country.

Australian Expat Breaks Free from Financial Struggles:

Hadi, a businessman from Australia residing in the UAE for nine years, found relief in a Dh150,000 victory from the Emirates Draw EASY6. 

Prioritizing financial stability, Hadi intends to clear his credit card debts before directing the remaining amount toward savings. 

Having participated in Emirates Draw MEGA7 for a while, he recently tried the EASY6 game and secured a significant win, allowing him to focus on growing his business.

Indian Expat Waiter Dreams of Restaurant Ownership:

Saami, an Indian expat working as a waiter in Dubai, achieved his aspirations with a Dh100,000 win at the Mahzooz Draw.

Planning to transition from waiter to restaurant owner, Saami, who has participated in draws for over a year, will initially use the winnings to open a cafeteria. 

With dreams of eventually establishing a full-fledged restaurant, he has dedicated some of his salary to charity and remains hopeful of hitting the jackpot again.

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