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Stories from Sanad Village: Students Shine at AccessAbilities Expo

The AccessAbilities Expo was a remarkable experience for 21-year-old Sebastian Nevaro of Argentina.

For 21-year-old Sebastian Nevaro from Argentina, the AccessAbilities Expo was an unforgettable experience. 

Welcoming guests at an exhibition stand, he had the chance to interact with ministers and meet Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, CEO of Emirates Group. 

Despite initial nerves, Sebastian found the Sheikh friendly and engaging, expressing gratitude for the city’s care.

Sanad Village’s Impact:

Sebastian is a member of Sanad Village, a leading center dedicated to understanding autism and related disorders. 

The center offers diverse support, including education, vocational training, medical therapy, and counseling for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Having completed an internship at a global consulting firm through vocational training, Sebastian aspires to become a shuttle bus driver and graphic designer. Already equipped with an electric car license, he’s pursuing his dreams.

Tailored Support and Individual Growth:

Jade Butler-Rees, Vocational Programme Director at Sanad Village, highlights the center’s personalized approach. 

Focused on Applied Behavior Analysis, the multidisciplinary team identifies students’ passions and talents, fostering their development and independence.

Sanad Village students showcased their abilities at the expo, interacting with visitors throughout the day. 

Jack Rae, with exceptional skills in math and memory, impressed visitors by preparing fresh juice. 

Expressing gratitude for the center’s diverse teachings, Jack dreams of someday becoming an astronaut.

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