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Sri Lanka Cricket Faces ICC Suspension Due to Government Interference

Sri Lanka Cricket's membership in the International Cricket Council (ICC) has been terminated immediately, alleging major breaches of its responsibilities.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board has immediately suspended Sri Lanka Cricket’s membership, citing serious breaches of its obligations. 

The decision, made during a recent board meeting, is primarily based on concerns over government interference in the autonomy of cricket governance in Sri Lanka.

Serious Breach of Obligations:

The ICC Board has declared that Sri Lanka Cricket is in serious breach of its obligations as a member. 

The specific concern revolves around the failure to manage its affairs autonomously and ensuring there is no government interference in the country’s governance, regulation, and administration of cricket.

Immediate Suspension:

The suspension comes into effect immediately, and the ICC Board will determine the conditions and terms of the suspension in the upcoming board meeting. 

This move reflects the severity of the issues identified by the ICC in Sri Lanka’s cricket administration.

Autonomy and Governance:

The ICC emphasizes cricket boards operating independently, without external influences.

The requirement to manage affairs autonomously is a fundamental principle, and the international cricket governing body views any breach of this principle seriously.

Impact on World Cup Standing:

Sri Lanka’s suspension comes at a crucial time, with the team struggling in the World Cup. 

They currently occupy the ninth position, having won only two out of nine games. The suspension raises questions about their future participation in international cricket events.

Afghanistan Cricket Board’s Position:

ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice addressed the issue of government interference in cricket, highlighting the need for cricket boards to operate within the laws and rules set by the respective governments. 

The ICC board’s stance is to support its members in promoting cricket within the legal framework defined by the country’s government.

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