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Sprinklr’s Dubai Office: A Harmony of Function and Aesthetics

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The new Sprinklr headquarters in Dubai, designed by the interior design studio Roar, founded by Pallavi Dean, exemplifies a perfect blend of function and aesthetics. Spanning 2,000 square meters, the office space fosters innovation and collaboration through contemporary office solutions while maintaining a cohesive color palette of blues, greens, earthy terracotta, and neutral gray that aligns with the brand’s identity​​​​.

Design Features

  1. Creative and Pragmatic Design: The office design strikes a balance between creativity and practicality, with flexible areas for impromptu collaboration, presentations, and quick meetings. The environment is enhanced with playful acoustic solutions and privacy options​​.
  2. Unique Meeting Spaces: An auditorium-style seating area serves for larger meetings and informal meetups. The addition of a coffee bar with subway tiles adds to the room’s casual ambiance​​.
  3. Modern Aesthetic Touches: The office features lockers next to workstations to minimize clutter. The conference rooms boast contemporary elements like arched acoustic panels and pendant lighting, contributing to the modern aesthetic​​.

Sprinklr’s office design in Dubai illustrates the company’s mission of nurturing a happier customer experience, starting with a conducive and inspiring workspace for its employees.

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