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Spread Festive Cheer with Santa Claus Chauffeur Services in Dubai

Ronald Asaba explains the company's purpose of creating unforgettable experiences for clients, particularly families and children.

Embrace the holiday spirit as a Dubai-based start-up, Zofeur offers a unique chauffeur service featuring drivers dressed as Santa Claus. 

From December 25, these merry chauffeurs will delight passengers with comfortable rides and extra festive treats, spreading joy throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Creating Unforgettable Christmas Moments:

Ronald Asaba, one of the Santa chauffeurs, expresses the mission to craft memorable experiences for customers, especially families and children. 

The sight of Santa behind the wheel transforms a routine ride into a magical journey, aligning with the Christmas tradition and bringing joy to passengers.

Passengers delight in the surprise of encountering Santa chauffeurs, capturing the moments with selfies and sharing the joy on social media platforms. 

Jjemba Ronald, another Santa chauffeur, highlights the excitement customers experience, coupled with the added delight of candies and sweets during the ride.

Spreading the Spirit of Giving:

The Santa chauffeurs symbolize the spirit of giving by offering both rides, candies, and goodwill, mirroring Santa’s tradition of sharing gifts during the holiday season. They aim to bring smiles, laughter, and warmth to passengers.

While ensuring a joyful experience, the Santa chauffeurs prioritize safety, emphasizing their extensive training and commitment to adhering to driving rules and passenger safety measures. Their vigilant approach aims to provide passengers a smooth and secure ride.

Zofeur’s Services and Accessibility:

Zofeur, an on-demand chauffeur platform on iOS and Play Store, introduces Santa-driven rides as part of its offerings. 

With no minimum usage requirements, passengers can enjoy the Santa chauffeur experience on pre-booked rides, even for trips between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Santa chauffeurs, available through a simple app tap, extend their services for a whimsical ‘sleigh’ ride, ensuring passengers a delightful and festive journey throughout the holiday season.

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