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Speed Limit Reduced on Al Ittihad Road for Enhanced Safety

Authorities in Dubai have chosen to lower the speed limit on a critical stretch of Al Ittihad Road in order to improve road safety.

In a move aimed at enhancing road safety, authorities in Dubai have selected to reduce the speed limit on a crucial stretch of Al Ittihad Road.

Effective November 20, the speed limit on the road between Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge will be decreased from 100kmph to 80kmph.

Details of the Speed Limit Reduction:

The revised speed limit will apply from the Sharjah-Dubai border on Al Ittihad Road and extend up to Al Garhoud Bridge. 

To ensure compliance, traffic signs along this stretch will be updated, with red lines indicating the beginning of the speed reduction zone. Radars on the road will also be adjusted to monitor and enforce the new speed limit.

The speed limit reduction will directly affect thousands of daily commuters who use this stretch to travel between Dubai and Sharjah. 

A Syrian expatriate, Hamdan Firas, expressed optimism about increased road safety, particularly after the underpass after Abu Hail, where many drivers tend to accelerate, leading to potential risks.

Addressing Dangerous Driving Practices:

Residents and commuters welcomed the decision, citing concerns about reckless driving on certain road sections. 

Abdul Hameed, a Somali expatriate, highlighted the notorious sharp curve towards Garhoud Bridge, where some drivers exhibit risky behaviors akin to an F1 track. The reduced speed limit is expected to curb such dangerous practices.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) collaborated with Dubai Police to make this decision following a recent study. 

The study assessed various factors, including the number of entrances/exits, proximity of intersections, recurrence of traffic accidents, and recent developments in the area.

Adherence to Speed Management Manual:

In its statement on Tuesday, the RTA mentioned that the decision aligns with its commitment to road safety. 

The speed limit adjustments follow guidelines outlined in the speed management manual, which evaluates speed limits and traffic flow on Dubai’s main roads. 

This systematic approach aims to create safer driving conditions for all road users.

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