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Spectacular National Day Show Tickets Now Available for UAE Residents

Tickets for the highly anticipated 52nd UAE Union Day spectacle, an official National Day show, are officially on sale to UAE residents.

UAE residents can now secure tickets for the highly anticipated 52nd UAE Union Day spectacle, an official National Day show featuring innovative technologies and breathtaking projections. 

Scheduled from December 5 to 12, the 30-minute show will take place at Jubilee Park, Expo City Dubai.

Show Highlights and Narration:

Priced starting from Dh300, the show promises to narrate the UAE’s sustainability journey, spanning from its union in 1971 to the present day. 

The performance symbolized through traditional Sadu weaving elements aims to illustrate the legacy of ancestors and the intricate relationship between tradition and technology. 

The show reflects the shared commitment to nurturing and preserving our interconnected world.

Ticket Details and Booking Information:

Tickets can be purchased from the official Union Day website. The show starts at 6 pm, with doors opening at 4 pm. 

Ticket holders are required to be seated by 5:40 pm due to the unique nature of the performance. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and no specific seats are allotted when booking.

Multilingual Experience:

The show will be presented in Arabic and English, with simultaneous French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Russian translations. 

This multilingual approach aims to make the spectacle accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience.

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