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Spectacular Geminids meteor shower graces UAE skies

Approximately 500 people gathered in the Dubai desert to watch the stellar event.

Approximately 500 people gathered in the Dubai desert to watch the stellar event.

Dazzling Celestial Display

The UAE witnessed the awe-inspiring Geminids meteor shower, illuminating the Thursday evening sky with a spectacle of approximately 120 meteors streaking across every hour. 

Enthusiasts gathered, with around 500 people congregating in Al Qudra desert for a viewing event organized by the Dubai Astronomy Group.

Clear Skies Amidst Expectations

Despite earlier forecasts of cloudy conditions, stargazers were treated to a clear night sky, facilitating a remarkable view of the meteor shower. These bright meteors, hurtling at speeds of 125,528kph, provided an enthralling visual experience for attendees.

Enchanting Experience for Families

Residents like Anwar Riyaz and Abdul Rahman seized the opportunity to share this celestial event with their children. Anwar expressed delight at witnessing at least 15 meteors while his daughters thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. 

Abdul Rahman, attending with his young ones, reiterated the charm of the Geminids, noting that it never fails to captivate and engage children who enthusiastically count the meteors.

Global Visibility and Online Streams

The meteor shower captivated audiences worldwide, with numerous YouTube channels live-streaming the event, making this celestial spectacle a global sensation. The Geminids showered wonder and fascination not just in the UAE but across the globe, showcasing the beauty of nature’s celestial wonders.

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