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Spartan Arabia Takes Stand Against Controversial Remarks

Spartan Arabia's brave decision to sever ties with its parent company, Spartan Race, has been applauded by adventure lovers and participants in the UAE.

Adventure enthusiasts and participants in the UAE have welcomed Spartan Arabia’s bold move to sever ties with its parent company, Spartan Race, following controversial remarks by the founder, Joe De Sena, regarding the situation in Gaza. The decision included canceling an upcoming race scheduled for January.

Upholding Beliefs Over Brand Affiliation:

Tania Lolla, an obstacle course race enthusiast, expressed support, highlighting that the recent comments by Joe De Sena conflicted with her beliefs and those of the Spartan community. 

Many participants echoed her sentiment, emphasizing the separation of sports from political stances.

Husam Mohamed, another Spartan racer, viewed the move as wise, recognizing Spartan Arabia’s stance for humanity. He emphasized that Spartan was more than a race; it was about community and motivation, hoping for the emergence of a rebranded regional race.

Controversy Surrounding Founder’s Remarks:

Joe De Sena’s video supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza stirred outrage within the OCR athlete community, leading to calls for a boycott of the Spartan brand. 

Spartan Arabia initially distanced itself from the comments before announcing its disassociation from the parent brand.

Brand’s Farewell and Race Cancellation:

In an Instagram post, Spartan Arabia expressed gratitude to its racers over the past decade but emphasized the misalignment of core values with the Spartan Race founder. 

The company also canceled an upcoming race in Khorfakkan, citing refunds for registered participants.

Support and Calls for New Ventures:

The decision received overwhelming online support, with users applauding Spartan Arabia’s move and suggesting the inception of a new obstacle course race in the region. 

Messages flooded in, expressing interest and support for potential future races under a different banner.

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