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Space agencies convene at COP28 for climate change solutions

The climate conference will get together more than 20 space agencies.

The climate conference will get together more than 20 space agencies.

Space Agencies Unite

Over 20 space agencies worldwide will converge at COP28 for the Space Agencies’ Leaders’ Summit, a pivotal gathering aimed at exploring the role of space activities in addressing climate change. Set to be held at Expo City in Dubai, COP28 serves as the backdrop for these critical discussions.

Space’s Role in Climate Change

The summit will focus on deliberating how space technologies can contribute to combating climate change. Highlighting the significance of this intersection, Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency, emphasized the space sector’s emergence as a crucial tool. 

Advanced technologies in space exploration facilitate monitoring and comprehension of climate changes, enabling the development of effective strategies to counter their effects.

Harnessing Advanced Technologies

Al Amiri underscored the importance of leveraging these technologies to provide sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. As climate change poses unprecedented global challenges, the summit aims to harness the potential of space exploration in fostering a more sustainable future.

Global Collaboration for Climate Solutions

The summit’s focus on utilizing space activities aligns with the urgency of addressing climate change. By fostering collaboration among space agencies, COP28 endeavors to propel innovative solutions and strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change, marking a significant step toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

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