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Sophie Turner Staying at Taylor Swift’s NYC Apartment

After her divorce from Joe Jonas, British actress Sophie Turner is said to be living at singer Taylor Swift's flat in New York City.

British actress Sophie Turner reportedly resides at singer Taylor Swift’s apartment in New York City amid her divorce from Joe Jonas. 

Swift has offered her home to the Game of Thrones star and her two daughters, Willa and Delphine, following her split from Joe Jonas.

Divorce and Custody Battle:

After four years together, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas decided to end their marriage earlier this month. They filed for divorce in Florida’s Miami-Dade County court, citing that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” 

Amid the divorce, Turner is also in a legal battle for custody of her two children.

Taylor Swift’s Gesture:

According to reports, Taylor Swift, who previously dated Joe Jonas in 2009, has allowed Turner to stay in her New York City apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood. 

Swift had kept the apartment as an investment property but temporarily lent it to Turner.

Spotted Together in NYC:

Entertainment outlets have reported sightings of Turner and Swift together in New York City on multiple occasions. Sources suggest that the two celebrities have always respected and liked each other. 

They share a mutual friendship, and Sophie Turner doesn’t hold any grudges regarding Taylor Swift’s past relationship with Joe Jonas.

Custody Dispute:

Last week, Turner filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband, demanding the return of their children to the UK. 

Joe Jonas has refused to comply with the request, stating that they had previously reached an understanding for an amicable co-parenting arrangement. 

Sophie Turner’s sudden demand to permanently take the children to the UK escalated the custody dispute.

This situation has added complexity to their divorce proceedings, as it may potentially violate the Florida Court order if Joe Jonas hands over the children’s passports, as demanded by Turner.

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