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Smart Art at Gitex Global 2023 in Dubai: Technology Meets Creativity

The TDRA's "Smart Art" exhibit is one of the highlights of the five-day Gitex Global 2023 exhibition in Dubai.

One of the standout attractions at the five-day Gitex Global 2023 event in Dubai is the “Smart Art” exhibit by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). 

Visitors are flocking to experience AI-generated portraiture at this innovative stand.

Art Meets Technology at TDRA’s Smart Art:

Described as the fusion of art and technology, TDRA’s Smart Art is captivating attendees. 

The stand showcases how AI can create stunning digital portraits within seconds based on the individual’s preferences.

At the Smart Art stand, an AI-driven virtual guide named Salim assists visitors in creating their unique portraits. Salim asks users questions to determine the desired style – abstract, realistic, vintage, or cartoonish.

Personalization Galore:

The AI portrait is tailored to the visitor’s specific preferences. Salim inquires about whether the concept should appear surreal, dreamlike, or feature rural or city landscapes. 

Visitors are also prompted to select their preferred color palette, whether pastel, bright, or contrasting.

The Thrill of Anticipation:

After providing their preferences, visitors have a quick snapshot of their face taken by the camera. As many visitors note, the most exciting part is the anticipation of the final result. 

The AI-generated portrait appears on the screen, delighting visitors with the unexpected outcome.

Upon completion, visitors receive a digital version of their AI-generated portrait via a QR code and a physical photo printout. 

The digitally enhanced photos have become popular, offering visitors a means of self-representation and creative expression.

Smart Art for the Digital Age:

Smart Art’s appeal lies in its ability to cater to individual tastes, allowing people to see themselves in a new light, be it as cosmic explorers, fantasy characters, or even pop or rock stars. 

It’s not just a portrait; it’s a form of artistic self-expression.

A New Display Picture for Social Media:

For many visitors like Yana Goryunova, Smart Art provides a fresh display picture for social media. Visitors can now share their unique and imaginative AI-generated portraits with their online communities.

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