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Skyrocketing Ticket Prices Alter UAE Residents’ Holiday Plans

Winter ticket prices have increased by more than 50%, disrupting UAE citizens' vacation plans.

A significant surge in winter ticket prices, soaring over 50%, has disrupted the holiday plans of UAE residents, compelling many to reconsider their travel choices during the festive season. 

Travel experts highlight the unforeseen spike, causing a shift in residents’ preferences to celebrate the holidays within the UAE itself.

Steep Hikes Across Destinations:

Lakshmi Anand, Managing Partner at S&T Travel Dubai, notes the substantial rise in flight fares to popular tourist destinations such as Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, with prices ranging from Dh3,200 onwards, compared to lower fares during summer vacations. 

Countries offering e-visa options for UAE residents, like Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Albania, have also witnessed a notable surge in flight fares, creating challenges in finalizing holiday packages.

Impact on Homebound Travellers:

Traditionally, winter breaks see families journeying to their home countries. However, the unexpected spike in ticket prices has dashed these plans for many. 

Families faced with exorbitant fares to destinations like Paris, Cairo, and Sharm el Sheikh are opting to forgo international travel due to soaring costs, turning their focus to UAE-based festivities and staycations.

Adjusting Plans Amidst Cost Concerns:

Residents like Marie Dubois and Mariam Kiwan share their disappointment over unaffordable flight prices to their respective home countries. 

Originally planning a trip to Paris, Marie found the escalating costs prohibitive, prompting her to embrace Christmas festivities within the UAE. 

Similarly, Mariam chose Oman for its proximity and picturesque landscapes, opting for a road trip instead of the steeply-priced journey to Egypt.

Family Reunions and Financial Implications:

Due to inflated ticket prices, Ijaz Hassan’s plans to introduce his newborn to family members in Cochin faced a financial hurdle. 

The significant difference in costs, soaring up to Dh6,000 for a round trip, contrasts sharply with off-season rates as low as Dh700, prompting reconsidering travel choices amidst increased expenses.

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