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Skybound Nuptials: A Spectacular Wedding Above the Clouds in Dubai

Vidhi Popley exchanged vows with Hridesh Sainani in a ground-breaking wedding ceremony in Dubai, and the city witnessed a spectacular celebration.

Dubai witnessed a stunning celebration as Vidhi Popley, daughter of esteemed businessman Dilip Popley, exchanged vows with Hridesh Sainani in a groundbreaking wedding ceremony aboard a modified Boeing 747 aircraft.

Glitz and Glamour at 35,000 Feet:

The Popley family, known for their renowned jewelry establishments in the UAE and India, hosted a lavish affair attended by 350 esteemed guests worldwide. 

The unique wedding ceremony unfolded aboard a private Jetex Boeing 747, offering an extraordinary three-hour journey from Dubai to Oman.

Unparalleled Luxury in the Skies:

Jetex, a prominent private charter flight operator, facilitated this exclusive event, welcoming guests at the Jetex VIP terminal near Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai. 

The festivities commenced with light bites and refreshments for the guests before boarding.

The wedding ceremony, attended only by immediate family members, took place onboard the aircraft while other guests engaged in enjoyable group activities, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Tradition Meets Innovation:

The Popley family has a history of celebrating love in the skies, harking back to 1994 when Laxman Popley, owner of Popley Jewelers, made headlines with his son Dilip’s wedding aboard an Air India flight to Sunita.

Dilip Popley expressed his joy, stating that Dubai, his home, was the ideal location for this extraordinary celebration. 

He shared his lifelong dream of orchestrating this unique experience for his daughter, emphasizing that Dubai fulfilled all his aspirations.

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