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Sister Zeph: Winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2023

Sister Zeph was awarded the renowned $1 million Global Teacher Prize 2023 and made headlines when she began teaching at the age of 13.

Sister Zeph, an extraordinary educator from Pakistan, has secured the prestigious $1 million Global Teacher Prize 2023 and made waves by initiating her teaching career at the tender age of 13. 

Her remarkable journey is marked by resilience, overcoming anti-social forces, and a lifelong commitment to providing free education to underprivileged children.

Early Beginnings:

Sister Zeph’s educational journey started at age 13, demonstrating her early passion for teaching. Lacking financial resources, she embroidered festive attires, earning meager amounts to fund her tuition-free school in Pakistan.

Global Teacher Prize 2023:

Her dedication culminated in winning the Global Teacher Prize 2023 during UNESCO’s General Conference in Paris. 

From over 7,000 nominations worldwide, Sister Zeph stood out for her commitment to education, teaching English, Urdu, culture, inter-faith harmony, and climate change in Gujranwala, Punjab.

Persistence Through Challenges:

Despite facing financial hardships and the threat of armed individuals targeting her courtyard school in 2006, Sister Zeph remained steadfast. 

Forced to relocate temporarily, she returned to her village with increased determination, resuming her teaching mission even in the face of pressure to shut down the school.

Beyond the Classroom:

Sister Zeph’s resilience extended beyond teaching hours. For 14 years, she worked eight hours in an office, ran her evening school for underprivileged children for four hours, and studied at night after returning home. 

Her unwavering commitment exemplifies her belief in the transformative power of education.

Future Endeavors:

Now preparing for her visit to the UAE to engage in a talk facilitated by the Varkey Foundation, Sister Zeph looks forward to sharing her experiences. 

The Varkey Foundation, in collaboration with UNESCO and Dubai Cares, played a pivotal role in recognizing and awarding her contributions to education.

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