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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Singing at her graduation, turned the tables for Natalia Itani.

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Everyone has a talent. Everyone discovers it at different ages and pursues it differently. When Natalia Itani was 12 years old, she discovered that she could sing. She had a soft voice which everyone loved. Natalia continued to sing throughout school and sang at her graduation. Here, she was approached by a producer. She declined it because she was merely 17 years old. Natalia then pursued her studies by getting a master’s in Business Marketing from Lebanese American University. Natalia started working and established several successful businesses. During all this time, she kept pursuing music. She says, “Music heals me inside out. I talk to music.” Her most famous and loved song is ‘Enta Habibi’ which currently has 25 million views on YouTube. It features the world-famous YouTuber Rahim Pardesi. Natalia considers this as the best performance of her career so far. The acceptance and love that she received after the release of this song overwhelmed her. She was shocked to the core as well as happy and grateful. When asked ‘Who has been your support system till now?’ Natalia says,’ I have lovely friends and family around me who support me through all my endeavours. I am immensely thankful for having them in my life. It is because of their support and encouragement that I am releasing 2 new songs very soon. Stay tuned for them.’ Although her journey looks all flowery, there have been certain obstacles she faced. The main issue she faced was fearing the release. The releases got delayed for some reason. Natalia feared whether the songs would get released on time. Now, she has 2 more songs which will be released very soon. After the success of Enta Habibi, we are looking forward to some bangers being released by her. She very kindly gave some advice for aspiring musicians by saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way. Believe in yourself and your art. Everything will fall in place eventually.’

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