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Singaporean Expat Wins Dh1 Million in Big Ticket

M. Rao, a Singaporean expatriate who has lived in Dubai since 2013, won a big Dh1 million prize in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi's weekly electronic draw.

In a stroke of luck, M. Rao, a Singaporean expatriate residing in Dubai since 2013, has secured a substantial Dh1 million prize in the weekly electronic draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi. 

Rao, who has occasionally participated in the draws since 2019, was elated to discover his win, especially considering that it came from a free ticket obtained during a limited-period promotional offer.

Fortuitous Free Ticket: A Surprise Victory:

Rao took advantage of the Buy 2, Get 2 special offer, purchasing tickets on December 9 after seeing an Instagram ad. 

To his astonishment, one of the free tickets acquired through the promotion turned out to be the winning ticket, marking a momentous and unexpected windfall.

Prioritizing Education and Wise Spending:

Expressing gratitude to Big Ticket, Rao revealed plans to allocate part of his prize money for his two children’s education. While he hasn’t finalized his spending plans, he emphasized the importance of utilizing the winnings wisely.

Rao encouraged others to try their luck with Big Ticket, emphasizing its authenticity and guaranteed nature. He highlighted the uniqueness of Big Ticket, distinguishing it from other games and lotteries.

Dh20 Million Grand Prize Draw:

Players can win Dh20 million throughout the month in the upcoming live draw. In addition, customers are automatically entered into the weekly electronic draw, providing ongoing opportunities for substantial cash prizes.

Easy Access to Tickets: 

Interested individuals can conveniently purchase tickets online through the official Big Ticket website or visit in-store counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Airport.

Rao’s unexpected win is a testament to the unpredictability and excitement associated with Big Ticket draws, enticing more participants to test their luck for potential life-changing outcomes.

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