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Simplified Guide to Cancelling Dewa Connections When Moving Out of Dubai

Moving out of Dubai might be stressful, but cancelling your utility accounts, particularly your Dewa connections, can be made easier.

Moving out of Dubai may feel overwhelming, but canceling your utility accounts, specifically Dewa connections can be made easier with these simple steps:

With Login:

  1. Log in using your Dewa User ID or UAE PASS.
  2. Choose the relevant Dewa Contract Account Number.
  3. Settle any outstanding bill amounts.
  4. Specify the moving-out date and time, initiating the deactivation of the Electricity and Water supply. Final meter readings will be taken.
  5. Select the method for Security Deposit refund (IBAN/Cheque/Western Union/Transfer to other active account/Apply for a refund later).
  6. Submit your application.

Without Login:

  1. Enter your Dewa Contract Account number and 9-digit Dewa premise number.
  2. Receive a Verification Code sent to your registered Email ID or mobile number with Dewa.
  3. Enter the Verification Code in the delivered field.
  4. Clear any pending bill amounts.
  5. Indicate the moving-out date and time for Electricity and Water supply deactivation. Final meter readings will be recorded.
  6. Choose the Security Deposit refund method (IBAN/Cheque/Western Union/Transfer to other active account/Apply for a refund later).
  7. Submit your request.

Service Deactivation and Post-Process Notifications:

Following the requested disconnection:

  • A final bill will be dispatched 24 hours before the scheduled disconnection date and time.
  • Upon settling the final bill, an automatic clearance certificate will be issued, ensuring the completion of the disconnection process.
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