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Simone Biles Makes History with Yurchenko Double Pike at World Gymnastics Championships

At the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, American gymnast Simone Biles made history by being the first woman to successfully accomplish the Yurchenko double pike.

American gymnast Simone Biles achieved a groundbreaking feat at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, becoming the first woman to successfully perform the Yurchenko double pike.

This remarkable vault has earned her the honor of having it named after her.

The Yurchenko Double Pike: A Landmark Achievement:

The Yurchenko double pike, the most challenging jump in the women’s gymnastics scoring code, had been rated at an impressive 6.4 points by the technical committee, anticipating its historic execution.

The 26-year-old gymnastics sensation scored 15.266 in her all-around performance, accumulating a total score of 58.865. 

This remarkable display of skill and athleticism led to the vault being officially named “Biles II.” This marks the second time an original jump has been named after her, with the first occurrence dating back to 2018.

A Legacy of Excellence:

With 25 world medals, a record-breaking achievement that surpasses any gymnast in history, and seven Olympic medals, Simone Biles stands as one of the most decorated athletes of all time. 

She now boasts five skills named after her in gymnastics: two on the floor exercise, two on vault, and one on the balance beam.

Team USA’s Strong Start:

In addition to Biles’ accomplishments, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team demonstrated their prowess by finishing at the top of the table during the qualifying subdivision. 

They are now poised to compete for the team gold medal on Wednesday in Antwerp.

Simone Biles continues to redefine the boundaries of gymnastics and inspire future generations of athletes with her incredible performances and groundbreaking achievements.

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