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Silent Artistry: Yemeni Artist Defies Disability through Canvas

Kawkab Mohsin of Yemen has overcome her hearing loss by channelling her emotions into beautiful artwork.

At 33, Kawkab Mohsin from Yemen has overcome the challenges of her hearing impairment by channeling her emotions into captivating artwork. 

When her disability took away her ability to speak, Kawkab found solace and expression in art, creating larger-than-life paintings that adorned the halls of the Rashid Centre for People of Determination during their 52nd National Day celebrations.

A Journey through Silence to Artistic Brilliance:

Kawkab, unable to communicate verbally, uses her art to convey her thoughts and emotions. Her vibrant paintings, showcased at the Rashid Centre, captivated visitors during the National Day festivities. 

Ritu Chaturvedi, an art teacher at the center, served as an interpreter for Kawkab, emphasizing how art became her voice and a powerful means of self-expression.

Rashid Centre’s Supportive Environment:

Founded in 1994, the Rashid Centre is pivotal in providing education and therapy services to individuals with various physical, learning, and sensory disabilities. 

Kawkab, once a student at the center, found her artistic talents recognized and nurtured by the supportive staff, contributing to her journey of overcoming limitations.

Therapeutic Impact of Creative Arts:

Creative arts and crafts have proven therapeutic for children with special needs, allowing them to communicate and express themselves without constraints. 

According to Chaturvedi, the art teacher, the platform of art provides these individuals with a medium free from restrictions and limitations, enabling them to create a world that reflects their happiness and imagination.

Inspiring Others on a Journey of Possibilities:

Kawkab’s journey from student to an art teacher assistant at the Rashid Centre serves as an inspiration. 

Through her vibrant artwork and passion for life, she empowers children with special needs, helping them gain the abilities and confidence to navigate the world. Her story resonates as a testament to the transformative power of art and determination.

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