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Sikka Art and Design Festival Transforms Historic Dubai District

Sikka Art and Design Festival Transforms Historic Dubai District

Dubai’s historic Al Shindagha district is currently abuzz with vibrant creativity as it hosts the much-anticipated Sikka Art and Design Festival. This annual event, now in its 12th edition, brings together over 500 artists and creatives from across the region and beyond to celebrate various art forms.

The festival, which runs until March 3, aims to provide a platform for both established and emerging artists from the UAE and the GCC to showcase their talents. With more than 100 installations displayed across 14 houses, visitors can immerse themselves in a diverse array of artistic expressions.

One of the standout installations at the festival is the creation by Emirati artist AlZaina Lootah, whose collaboration with architect Abdalla Almulla resulted in a stunning arrangement of wooden planks forming a dual circular pattern. This piece, located in front of the majlis of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, pays homage to Dubai’s maritime history and economy.

Another must-see exhibit is the ‘Black Iris Collection’ by Majd Habashneh, a Jordanian artist based in Dubai. Inspired by Jordan’s national flower, this collection features clay-moulded iris petals alongside a masculine face, seamlessly blending femininity and masculinity.

The festival has attracted not only art enthusiasts but also tourists eager to experience the vibrant cultural scene of Dubai. Spanish tourists Alejandro and Lola were drawn to the illuminated buildings across the creek and were delighted to discover the festival’s offerings.

In addition to the captivating art installations, visitors can also enjoy a variety of food stalls offering tempting flavors. Jasim Hamad, a Syrian expat, expressed his delight at discovering the festival and praised the combination of art and culinary delights.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, an orchestra performance featuring fifty violinists and other musicians serenades visitors, transforming the area into an open-air concert.

Overall, the Sikka Art and Design Festival promises a rich cultural experience for visitors, showcasing the creativity and talent of artists from the region. With its diverse range of exhibitions, workshops, and activities, the festival continues to be a highlight on Dubai’s cultural calendar.

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