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Siberian Deep Freeze Grips Russia, Record Snowfall Hits Moscow

Temperatures in parts of Siberia, notably the Sakha Republic and Yakutsk, plummeted to minus 56 degrees Celsius.

Parts of Siberia, including the Sakha Republic and Yakutsk, experienced extreme cold, with temperatures plunging to minus 56 degrees Celsius (minus 69 degrees Fahrenheit) on Monday. 

Oymyakon, known for its severe cold, recorded temperatures at the same chilling level, expected to feel even colder, exceeding minus 60 degrees Celsius due to wind and humidity.

Weather Extremes and Permafrost Zones:

The Sakha Republic, largely in the permafrost zone, faces ongoing temperature drops, with Yakutsk registering temperatures between minus 44 and minus 47 degrees Celsius. 

The occurrence of temperatures below minus 50 degrees Celsius has become less frequent due to climate change, causing concerns about permafrost thawing in the region.

Impact on Moscow and Flight Disruptions:

Moscow witnessed unprecedented snowfall on December 3, accumulating over 35 centimeters in a single day, leading to significant disruptions in the city. 

The heavy snowfall disrupted flights at Moscow’s airports, causing delays.

Forecast and Regional Cold Snap:

Russia’s national meteorological service predicted a further increase in frost across the European part, Urals, and Siberian territories in the initial week of December. 

Temperatures in Moscow and its surrounding areas were anticipated to reach around minus 20 degrees Celsius later in the week, while the Urals expected temperatures to plummet to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Context of Climate Change:

The extreme cold, especially temperatures below minus 50 degrees Celsius in Siberia, stands out as an anomaly attributed to the broader context of climate change. 

The region’s historical cold temperatures have become rarer, raising concerns about the potential impact of climate change on permafrost stability and thawing.

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