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Shelter-in-Place Order Issued for Texas Residents Near Chemical Plant Fire

Authorities in Texas have issued a shelter-in-place order for individuals living within a one-mile radius of a chemical plant fire in Shepherd.

Authorities in Texas issued a shelter-in-place order for residents residing within a one-mile radius of a chemical plant fire that broke out in Shepherd. 

As the incident unfolded, a substantial plume of smoke was visible, alarming locals.

Evacuations and Road Closures:

The San Jacinto County Office of Emergency Management confirmed the evacuation of a private school in the vicinity and announced the closure of Highway 59 due to the fire. 

Local authorities took immediate action, instructing residents to stay indoors and advising them to shut off their HVAC air conditioning systems as a precautionary measure.

Uncertainty Surrounding Chemical Exposure:

As the situation developed, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office expressed concerns on Facebook about the plume potentially heading toward the Livingston area. 

The chemical involved in the fire was not immediately identified, raising uncertainties about the potential risks associated with air exposure.

Monitoring the Situation:

Authorities remained vigilant, closely monitoring the incident to assess the impact of the chemical in the air. 

Residents were urged to follow safety instructions and stay informed about developments through official channels.

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