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Sheikh Zayed’s Hologram Inspires Environmental Commitment at COP28

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan made a magnificent presence via 3D hologram at COP28.

At COP28, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan made a stunning appearance through a 3D hologram, delivering a profound message about environmental stewardship to global leaders at Expo City Dubai.

Embracing Sustainability as Heritage:

Sheikh Zayed’s hologram emphasized the intrinsic link between sustainability and Emirati identity. 

He underscored how preserving the environment is symbolic and an integral part of the UAE’s history, culture, and lasting legacy.

Reflecting on the wisdom of Emirati ancestors, Sheikh Zayed highlighted their mindful approach toward nature, taking only what was necessary and leaving behind a legacy of abundance for future generations. He urged responsibility in caring for the environment as custodians for posterity.

Preparation for Future Generations:

Sheikh Zayed’s hologram delivered a poignant message about the rapidly changing world and the imperative to prepare the coming generations for this evolving landscape. He emphasized the responsibility incumbent upon present leaders to secure a sustainable future.

The holographic representation of Sheikh Zayed appealed to global governments to transcend discord and seize the conference as an opportunity for unity and cooperation. 

He urged leaders to build bridges of compassion and understanding, fostering a collective commitment toward a prosperous future for all.

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