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Sheikh Zayed Road Closure: Disruption and Diversions

At 8 a.m., the normally busy Sheikh Zayed Road appeared desolate, an uncommon sight for vehicles used to the morning rush hour.

The typically bustling Sheikh Zayed Road wore an unusual deserted look at 8 am, a rare sight for motorists accustomed to the morning rush hour chaos. 

The closure of a section of this major six-lane highway from 7 am to 11 am, attributed to COP28 and the forthcoming UAE National Day celebrations, left much of the road eerily empty.

Impacts and Traffic Diversions:

While several vehicles trickled towards Expo City Dubai for the ongoing COP28 summit, the remaining Dubai-bound lanes remained vacant. 

The closure, scheduled until December 3, prompted authorities to advise motorists to seek alternate routes, displayed through overhead screens showcasing traffic diversions.

Diverted Journeys and Congestion Elsewhere:

As Sheikh Zayed Road remained inaccessible during the morning hours, other roads in Dubai experienced a surge in rush hour traffic. 

Routes leading to Expo 2020 and Expo City witnessed roadblocks, causing heavy congestion for motorists navigating through E44 or Al Khail Road, seeking alternate passages to various parts of the city.

Motorists’ Ordeals and Adaptation:

Abdul Batin, a sales executive from Sharjah, encountered unexpected hurdles on his commute to Jebel Ali due to the closure. 

Forced to take diversions and navigate through Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road amidst heavy congestion on Al Khail Road, he narrowly made it to his meeting, albeit delayed.

Dubai resident Mehnaz found herself trapped in extensive traffic as she ventured out for shopping, anticipating diverted routes on Sheikh Zayed Road but unprepared for the severity of the congestion. 

Expressing frustration over the unexpected delay, she faced an hour-long standstill with uncertain prospects of reaching home soon.

Closure Updates and Road Reopening:

Anticipating the imminent reopening of the affected stretch on Sheikh Zayed Road, residents are urged to stay informed about the evolving situation, with further updates expected shortly. 

The closure’s end promises relief to commuters affected by the diverted traffic and congestion, restoring the highway to its usual flow.

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