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Sheikh Theyab’s humanitarian visit to Palestinian children in UAE

The director of the Office of Development and Martyrs' Families Affairs visited sick kids flown from Gaza.

The director of the Office of Development and Martyrs’ Families Affairs visited sick kids flown from Gaza.


Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed, Chairman of the Office of Development and Martyrs’ Families Affairs at the Presidential Court, extended a compassionate gesture by visiting Palestinian children and their families undergoing medical treatment in UAE hospitals. His visit reflects a deep commitment to humanitarian aid and support for those facing health challenges.

Supporting Palestinian Patients

During his visit, Sheikh Theyab interacted with injured children, adult family members, and young cancer patients from Palestine who are currently receiving vital medical treatment in the UAE. 

This engagement signifies not only medical assistance but also personal care and empathy towards the individuals and families experiencing distress.

Continued Humanitarian Initiatives

This visit is part of an ongoing humanitarian initiative dedicated to aiding the Palestinian people. Sheikh Theyab’s direct conversations with the children and their families aimed to offer words of encouragement and hope for a speedy recovery, underscoring the UAE’s commitment to supporting communities in need.

Airlifting for Medical Treatment

In a remarkable display of support, a chartered plane transported approximately 15 children and their families to Abu Dhabi, ensuring they could access the necessary medical care. 

This gesture emphasizes the significant efforts invested in providing essential healthcare facilities to those requiring specialized treatment.


Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed’s visit serves as a poignant example of international solidarity and compassion. Such humanitarian endeavors not only provide medical aid but also showcase the importance of personal interaction and support for communities facing health adversities. 

The UAE’s commitment to extending assistance to Palestinian patients highlights the significance of global cooperation in times of need.

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