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Sheikh Shakhbout medical city launches a radiation therapy department

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City harnesses the latest techs to enhance patient care.

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City harnesses the latest techs to enhance patient care.

A prominent hospital in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, has recently inaugurated a dedicated radiation therapy department as part of a larger mission to establish itself as a major hub for cancer care. 

This cutting-edge facility is operated in collaboration with the esteemed Mayo Clinic, emphasizing a commitment to medical innovation and advanced technology in the battle against cancer.

State-of-the-Art Cancer Treatment Facility

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City’s new radiation therapy department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise, poised to provide high-quality cancer treatment. 

This initiative underscores the hospital’s dedication to offering the latest advancements in cancer care to patients in the region.

Enhancing Access to Vital Services

With the capacity to treat up to 30 patients daily, the health center aims to significantly enhance access to crucial cancer care services for individuals residing in the capital of the UAE. 

This expansion in cancer treatment services is a crucial step in addressing the growing healthcare needs of the local population.

Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Daniel Chamberlain, chair of radiation oncology at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, expressed the hospital’s commitment to prioritizing the needs of patients. 

The hospital, operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, also known as Seha, is dedicated to patient-centric care, ensuring that individuals facing cancer receive the best possible treatment and support.

The establishment of the radiation therapy department at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, is a significant stride towards advancing cancer care in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE, offering hope and advanced treatment options to those affected by this challenging disease.

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