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Sheikh Mohammed’s Leadership: Accountability and Recognition

Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai, announced the removal of the head of a UAE hospital following its ranking.

In a recent demonstration of decisive leadership, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, announced the dismissal of the director of a UAE hospital following its ranking as the worst-service center. 

This approach of holding individuals accountable aligns with Sheikh Mohammed’s commitment to delivering outstanding government services and upholding citizens’ rights.

Inspiration from Sports: A Singular Change for Collective Improvement:

Drawing inspiration from the sports arena, Sheikh Mohammed employs a strategy often seen in sports management by addressing underperformance through targeted changes. 

This approach is evident in his prompt action against an underperforming hospital director, showcasing his commitment to maintaining excellence in government services.

Past Instances: Accountability and Recognition:

This is not the first time Sheikh Mohammed has taken such actions. In 2016, he ordered the retirement of nine senior officials in Dubai Municipality’s management after discovering many absentee employees. 

Conversely, when organizations excel, Sheikh Mohammed ensures public praise and tangible benefits, such as the two-month salary bonus awarded to top entity employees four years ago.

Effective Evaluation: Mystery Shoppers and Transparent Feedback:

Acknowledging the potential for a distorted reality in his presence, Sheikh Mohammed employs mystery shoppers to gather unbiased information and evaluate service quality. 

This approach allows him to measure the efficiency of government services accurately. In 2019, he publicly shared the performance report of Emirates Post based on feedback from mystery shoppers, emphasizing the importance of robust customer service.

Values and Recognition of Hard Work:

Sheikh Mohammed values performance and recognizes hard work. His leadership philosophy extends to entrepreneurs, fostering a business-friendly environment in Dubai. 

His social media posts frequently highlight individuals who exemplify exceptional public service, reinforcing his belief that people’s satisfaction is the government’s primary goal.

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