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Sheikh Mohammed declares October 29 as international day of coding

Vice President and Ruler of Dubai says Unesco has embraced an Emirati proposal to commit days to coding and digital education.

In a significant move, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has announced that October 29 will be recognized internationally as the Day of Coding. This declaration, made in 2021, aims to honor the valuable contributions of the coding community, particularly through the initiative known as UAE Codes.

UNESCO’s Endorsement: October 29 as a Global Day of Coding

Highlighting the global importance of coding skills, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has endorsed the declaration, making October 29 an official international day of coding. This collaboration signifies a collective effort to promote coding education and awareness on a global scale.

UAE Codes: Celebrating the Coding Community’s Impact

The chosen date not only symbolizes a commitment to digital advancement but also coincides with the founding of Dubai Internet City in 1999. Sheikh Mohammed emphasizes the role of the coding community in driving the nation’s digital transformation, recognizing their efforts through the UAE Codes initiative.

October 29: A Date of Historical Significance in the UAE

The significance of October 29 goes beyond its association with coding. It marks a pivotal moment in the UAE’s history, tying in with the establishment of Dubai Internet City. This historical context adds depth to the celebration, highlighting the nation’s journey towards becoming a hub for technological innovation.

Fostering Digital Literacy Worldwide

The international recognition of October 29 as the Day of Coding is poised to foster digital literacy on a global scale. By designating a day to celebrate coding, Sheikh Mohammed and UNESCO aim to inspire individuals and communities worldwide to engage with technology and embrace the transformative power of coding skills.

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