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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid highlights innovation at Space agencies leaders’ summit

The event brings together around 20 global space agencies.

The event brings together around 20 global space agencies.

Convening for Progress: Space Agencies Gather at Cop28

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, spearheaded discussions with climate policy and space sector leaders during the Space Agencies Leaders’ Summit at Cop28. The event brought together representatives from over 20 international space agencies, fostering dialogue and collaboration.

Showcasing UAE’s Commitment to Innovation

At Dubai’s Expo City, Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the UAE’s commitment to innovation through its clean energy and space initiatives. He highlighted these projects as testament to the country’s dedication to advancing technology and sustainability.

Acknowledging Global Contributions

Sheikh Mohammed commended international space agencies for their significant role in advancing knowledge and developing solutions for environmental conservation and sustainable development. The meeting underscored the importance of collective efforts in addressing global challenges.

Key Attendees and Focus Areas

Joining Sheikh Mohammed was Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, chairman of the Dubai Ports and Borders Security Council. 

Participants engaged in discussions centered on enhancing data sharing among established and emerging space nations. Additionally, they explored strategies to bolster climate research through resource allocation and funding, aiming for greater collaboration and progress in this critical field.

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