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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Establishes Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Establishes Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority

New body to support emirate’s ambitious sustainability goals and create more green spaces

In a significant move towards promoting environmental sustainability, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has announced the establishment of the Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority. This new authority aims to spearhead the emirate’s green initiatives, emphasizing sustainable practices, biodiversity conservation, and the expansion of green spaces and natural reserves.

Ahmed Mohammed bin Thani has been appointed as the director general of the Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority, signifying a dedicated leadership towards achieving the goals set forth by the authority.

One of the primary objectives of the authority is to double the green cover of the emirate and increase the number of protected areas and natural reserves by 60 percent by the year 2040. With a focus on water resource conservation and sustainable waste management, the authority is poised to make significant strides in environmental preservation.

Additionally, the authority will play a crucial role in assisting decision-makers in formulating development policies, planning processes, and strategic targets to ensure biodiversity protection, climate change mitigation, and enhanced food security.

Aligned with Dubai’s broader green objectives, which include a complete transition to clean energy by 2050 and a substantial improvement in air quality by 2033, as per World Health Organization guidelines, the authority will actively promote green finance initiatives. It will collaborate with key financial and economic organizations to incentivize the financial sector to prioritize and support green projects.

Expressing Dubai’s commitment to becoming a global leader in environmental resilience and sustainable urban development, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, outlined the emirate’s vision to rank among the world’s top-10 cities in environmental and resource sustainability by 2033.

The establishment of the Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority underscores Dubai’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and underscores its position as a forward-thinking city committed to a sustainable future.

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