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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Announces Ambitious Dubai Social Agenda 33

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A Decade-Long Plan Focusing on Families and Social Wellbeing

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has officially launched the Dubai Social Agenda 33. This initiative, outlined for the decade leading up to 2033, emphasizes ‘Family: The Foundation of Our Nation’ as its central theme. The announcement, made on January 4th, aligns with Sheikh Mohammed’s tradition of revealing key national programs on the anniversary of his accession as the Ruler of Dubai​​.

The Dubai Social Agenda 33 is a comprehensive plan with a budget of AED 208 billion, focusing on enhancing the lives of Emirati families in Dubai. It covers various aspects of life including housing, quality of life, identity and values, social cohesion, healthcare, and equipping the new generation with future skills. A significant goal of the Agenda is to double the number of Emirati families within a decade and provide residential neighborhoods offering the highest standard of living globally. This initiative aims to safeguard the young generation against negative influences that could destabilize families​​.

Sheikh Mohammed stressed that the nation’s essence lies in its families and people, not just buildings and figures. He underscored the importance of protecting, empowering, and supporting families, which are the cornerstone of the nation. The Dubai Social Agenda 33 has clear objectives and programs based on its allocated budget and will be overseen by his sons, Hamdan, Maktoum, Ahmed, and their brothers. These leaders have grown up as part of the larger Dubai family and hold its wellbeing as their utmost priority​​.

The Agenda not only focuses on family formation and values but also on their protection, empowerment, health, and education. The overarching vision is to nurture healthy, stable families capable of raising a generation that is confident in its abilities, connected to its identity, and prepared for the future. Additionally, the Agenda aims to position Dubai among the world’s top three cities in terms of living standards and to accelerate social development among Dubai families. The government support for implementing the Social Agenda is set to double to AED 208 billion by 2033​​.

The Dubai Social Agenda 33 is designed to complement the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), focusing on sustainable social development. It aims to provide services that directly benefit individuals, meeting their expectations in areas such as healthcare, housing, education, culture, sports, and community involvement. This holistic approach ensures that the economic and social development of Dubai progresses hand in hand, benefitting its citizens and residents alike​​.

In summary, the Dubai Social Agenda 33 represents a significant step forward in the UAE’s commitment to sustainable social development. By focusing on the family unit as the foundation of the nation, this ambitious plan seeks to enhance the quality of life and foster a stable and prosperous community, setting a benchmark for urban development and social welfare on a global scale.

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