Sheikh Hamdan teases Dubai’s foray into self-driving taxis

Crown Prince reveals that automated cars will soon be available to the people.

Vision for Automated Transportation

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Dubai’s Crown Prince, showcased his experience in a self-driving vehicle through a series of video clips shared on Thursday. In an Instagram announcement, Sheikh Hamdan hinted at the imminent arrival of self-driving taxis on Dubai’s roads.

Impressive Technology Insights

The videos exhibited Sheikh Hamdan seated in what is typically the driver’s position, accompanied by passengers. They showcased the vehicle’s capabilities, including detecting nearby cyclists, slowing down for speed bumps, and recognizing a school zone.

Introduction of “Meznah” Fleet

Sheikh Hamdan’s ride was aboard a Chevrolet Bolt, a part of the “Meznah” fleet, with plans to assign local names to new vehicle fleets upon their launch. Notably, this initiative positions Dubai as the first city beyond the US to adopt the company’s self-driving technology.

Dubai’s Pioneering Test Phase

The testing phase, conducted in the Jumeirah area, serves as a precursor to the planned public launch scheduled for early next year. This pioneering step signifies Dubai’s commitment to revolutionizing transportation with cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technology.

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