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Sheikh Hamdan Elevates Hatta Festival to an Annual Spectacle

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed was present during the Hatta Festival and directed that it become an annual event.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, graced the Hatta Festival with his presence, directing that the event become an annual celebration, building on Hatta’s appeal as a global tourist destination.

Annual Event Directive:

During his visit, Sheikh Hamdan advocated for the Hatta Festival’s continuity annually, amplifying Hatta’s allure as a key tourist magnet. This inaugural event, organized by Brand Dubai, is set to conclude on December 31.

Acknowledging the festival’s diverse range of events and activities, Sheikh Hamdan praised its endeavor to spotlight Hatta as an exceptional destination, boasting natural beauty, cultural events, sports, dining, and luxury resorts.

Leadership Inspiration and Regional Development:

Highlighting the visionary leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Sheikh Hamdan emphasized Hatta’s emergence as a model for economic development, investing in youth capabilities, and contributing to regional progress.

Underlining Dubai’s unwavering dedication to elevating tourist destinations while respecting local cultural uniqueness, Sheikh Hamdan emphasized Dubai’s commitment to global tourism standards.

Winter Season Campaigns and Family Attractions:

Expressing delight after experiencing the diverse offerings at the Hatta Festival, Sheikh Hamdan stressed the importance of initiatives aimed at family attractions to attract both local and international visitors, fortifying Dubai’s position as a global tourism hub.

Affirming the commitment to residents’ happiness, Sheikh Hamdan emphasized the festival’s significance in promoting Hatta’s global history and contributing to Dubai’s tourism appeal.

Community Engagement and Startup Support:

Appreciating community engagement across cultural, sports, and social events, Sheikh Hamdan acknowledged Brand Dubai’s support for Dubai’s startup community through initiatives like ‘Proudly from Dubai.’

During his visit, Sheikh Hamdan explored Hatta’s renowned attractions like the Al Sharea area, Hatta Heritage Village, and Leem Park, the festival’s centerpiece, offering stunning vistas amidst the mountains.

Youth Entrepreneurship and Unique Projects:

Witnessing local entrepreneurship, Sheikh Hamdan visited projects like GoGravity, the Middle East’s sole outdoor zorbing track, showcasing the innovative endeavors of Hatta’s youth.

Launched by Dubai Media Council, in line with directives from Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the campaign spotlights Dubai’s unique winter attractions in collaboration with various government and private entities and the vibrant creative community in Dubai.

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