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Sharjah’s housing support initiative: Dh373 million approved 

The number of Emiratis who are suitable for the program increased by 500 in June.

The number of Emiratis who are suitable for the program increased by 500 in June.

Generous Housing Support

Sharjah’s commitment to aiding its citizens in housing needs continues as Dh373 million in housing loans and grants have been approved for 550 Emiratis. 

This initiative aligns with the directives of Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, underscoring the third batch of housing support sanctioned by the Sharjah Executive Council in 2023.

Varied Utilization of Funds

The allocated funds aim to address diverse housing requirements across the emirate. They will facilitate new home construction, completion of ongoing housing projects, property extensions, maintenance, and aiding Emiratis in securing government housing. This multifaceted approach ensures comprehensive support for various housing-related endeavors.

Support Milestones

With this latest allocation, the total support extended to Emiratis through the Housing Department reaches nearly Dh10.4 billion. Over 12,100 individuals have benefited from this program, reflecting its substantial impact on the community.

Expansion of Eligibility

Earlier this year, Sheikh Dr Sultan expanded the eligibility criteria by 50%, allowing an additional 500 families to seek housing assistance. The upward adjustment raised the annual limit for applications to 1,500 from the previous 1,000, demonstrating a concerted effort to broaden the reach and aid more Emirati families in their housing aspirations.

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