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Sharjah Unveils Al Duaa Mosque: A New Spiritual Hub for 1,500 Worshippers

Sharjah Unveils Al Duaa Mosque: A New Spiritual Hub for 1,500 Worshippers

Incorporating Sustainability and Architectural Elegance

Sharjah has marked a significant addition to its religious and architectural landscape with the inauguration of the Al Duaa Mosque in the Al Falaj area, Al Raqqa suburb. Designed to accommodate 1,500 worshippers, the mosque is a testament to the emirate’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth and community well-being as part of its Ramadan initiatives, as reported by the state news agency Wam.

Spanning over 5,058 square meters, Al Duaa Mosque distinguishes itself with a striking circular dome and twin 30-meter-high minarets, blending traditional design with modern sustainability practices. The mosque’s comprehensive facilities include a spacious prayer hall, ablution areas, restrooms, ample car parking, and dedicated residences for the imam and the muezzin, ensuring a fully integrated worship experience for the community.

A Focus on Women and Sustainability

With an inclusive approach, the mosque features a 100-seat prayer hall specifically for women, underscoring Sharjah’s commitment to accommodating the spiritual needs of all community members. Additionally, the mosque’s design emphasizes environmental sustainability, employing advanced techniques to minimize water and energy consumption, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to resource management.

Philanthropic Contributions and Official Acknowledgments

The construction of Al Duaa Mosque was realized through the generous support of philanthropists, in collaboration with the Sharjah Islamic Affairs Department. The project’s success highlights the power of community collaboration in achieving significant civic milestones. Abdullah Khalifa Yaroof Al Saboosi, head of the Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah, lauded the mosque as a distinguished landmark and extended gratitude to Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, for his visionary leadership and support for the project.

Enriching Sharjah’s Religious and Cultural Fabric

The opening of Al Duaa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan adds a new dimension to Sharjah’s religious and cultural fabric, providing a serene and spiritual sanctuary for residents and visitors alike. It stands as a symbol of the emirate’s dedication to nurturing faith, promoting sustainable practices, and enhancing the communal spirit among its populace.

As Sharjah continues to expand its religious infrastructure, Al Duaa Mosque represents a significant milestone in the emirate’s ongoing efforts to serve the spiritual and communal needs of its diverse population, setting a benchmark for future developments in the region.

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