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Sharjah to Build New Passenger Train Station Linked to Etihad Rail Network

Sharjah, UAE – In a significant development aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure, Sharjah has announced plans to construct a new passenger train station connected to the Etihad Rail network. The announcement was made during the launch event attended by Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. The station, strategically located near the University City of Sharjah, is expected to serve thousands of students and residents across the Emirates.

The project aims to bolster connectivity and ease of travel for passengers, particularly students commuting to and from various educational institutions in Sharjah. Upon completion, the new station will significantly increase Etihad Train’s passenger traffic, projected to reach 14,000 daily. This development underscores the commitment of the UAE to develop a comprehensive and efficient railway network that connects major cities and regions across the country.

Connecting the main track of the railway network to the proposed station in Sharjah marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the Etihad Rail network. The extension will traverse key facilities, landmarks, and population centers within Sharjah, facilitating seamless travel for residents and visitors alike. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Etihad Rail Company, emphasized the importance of this initiative in enhancing connectivity between residential communities and streamlining passenger movement across the network.

The ambitious railway project aligns with the broader vision of the UAE to develop advanced transportation infrastructure that promotes economic growth and social cohesion. With the UAE National Rail Network extending over 900 kilometers, the addition of passenger train services will further integrate 11 cities and regions across the country, from Al Sila to Fujairah. This extensive network will encompass key urban centers such as Al Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Fujairah, Sharjah, Al Dhaid, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, fostering greater accessibility and mobility for citizens and residents.

The decision to construct a new passenger train station in Sharjah underscores the emirate’s commitment to sustainable development and innovation in transportation. By investing in modern rail infrastructure, Sharjah aims to enhance connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and promote environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The new station is poised to become a vital hub for commuters, offering convenient access to educational institutions, residential areas, and commercial centers across the Emirates.

As part of the UAE’s comprehensive transportation strategy, the expansion of the Etihad Rail network represents a significant leap forward in enhancing intercity connectivity and facilitating seamless travel experiences for passengers. The integration of passenger train services is expected to catalyze economic development, spur tourism, and foster greater social integration across diverse communities in the UAE.

In summary, Sharjah’s initiative to construct a new passenger train station linked to the Etihad Rail network heralds a new era of connectivity and mobility in the Emirates. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the project underscores Sharjah’s commitment to advancing transportation infrastructure and supporting the evolving needs of its residents and visitors. As construction commences, anticipation mounts for the realization of a modern, efficient, and interconnected railway network that propels Sharjah and the UAE towards a prosperous future.

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