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Sharjah Ruler Expresses Concern Over Foreign Words in Arabic Language

Sharjah Ruler Expresses Concern Over Foreign Words in Arabic Language

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has voiced his disapproval of the increasing use of foreign words added to the Arabic language. 

He emphasized his commitment to preserving the purity and integrity of the Arabic language. He announced his intent to attend an Arabic Language Academy conference in Cairo to address the issue of foreign words registered in the language over the past four years. 

Sheikh Dr. Sultan expressed his determination to safeguard the Arabic language and its traditions.

Excessive Use of Foreign Words:

Sheikh Dr Sultan noted that the excessive use of foreign words in Arabic has become a concerning trend. 

Some terms, like ‘trend,’ were introduced and adopted without proper standardization, leading to incorrect Arabic usage. 

He stressed the need to reconsider and rectify the inclusion of foreign words in the language, expressing concern over language violations.

Preserving the Arabic Language:

The Sharjah Ruler emphasized preserving the Arabic language’s authenticity and purity. 

To address this issue, he highlighted his discussions with Dr. Abdulwahab Abdulhafiz, the head of Cairo’s Arabic Language Academy. 

While the academy is typically accessible only to Egyptian nationals, Sheikh Dr. Sultan is considered an exception.

He asserted that concepts foreign to the Arabic language should not be allowed to infiltrate it, and he proposed alternatives for certain foreign terms. 

Sheikh Dr. Sultan has long been recognized for his steps to protect and maintain the integrity of the Arabic language.

Previous Contributions to Arabic Language Preservation:

Sheikh Dr. Sultan has a history of contributing to preserving the Arabic language. He launched 19 new volumes of the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language last year, increasing the total to 36. 

His dedication to safeguarding rare Arabic documents and manuscripts has earned him gratitude from documentation and archives officials across the Arab world.

Earlier this year, the Sharjah Ruler urged the UAE’s Ministry of Education to reconsider its decision to merge the Arabic language subject with Islamic and social studies, underlining the significance of Arabic as an inheritance for future generations.

Commitment to Language and Culture:

Sheikh Dr. Sultan’s unwavering commitment to the Arabic language and culture underscores his role as a champion of the region’s linguistic integrity and cultural heritage.

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