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Sharjah Residents Adapt New Year’s Eve Plans Amid Fireworks Ban

Residents in Sharjah are rescheduling their New Year's Eve celebrations owing to the cancellation of pyrotechnics and festivities in solidarity with Gaza.

With the cancellation of fireworks and festivities in Sharjah due to solidarity with Gaza, residents are reshaping their New Year’s Eve plans. While some embrace family time at home, others find alternative ways to mark the occasion.

Family-Centric Celebrations in the Face of Global Turmoil:

Anum Noor, a Sharjah resident, opts for a family dinner at the mall, breaking away from the usual fireworks gathering. 

The ongoing conflict in Gaza drives her decision to forego celebrations this year, marking a significant departure from their annual tradition.

Syrian expat Ahmed Deeb emphasizes the importance of family time on NYE, valuing the tradition more deeply in light of global turmoil. 

His cherished annual gathering becomes an opportunity to appreciate having loved ones close, acknowledging the luxury amidst challenging global events.

Reflecting on Global Advocacy and Local Adaptation:

As the UAE remains vocal on the international stage advocating for Gaza’s ceasefire, Sharjah residents like Fazla adapt their plans, moving celebrations to Dubai to be with extended family. 

Canceled fireworks prompt a reevaluation of the importance of family bonds, reshaping their NYE plans.

For Indian expat Manju Sreekumar, NYE translates into a desert adventure. 

Amidst quiet desert drives and a BBQ with an off-roader’s club, the night will include stargazing and a view of Marjan Island’s fireworks, offering a serene alternative to the usual festivities.

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