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Sharjah Municipality Issues Guidelines for Safe Use of Cosmetic Products

Sharjah City Municipality has issued guidelines for the use of cosmetic items in hair salons and beauty salons.

Sharjah City Municipality has released a set of guidelines for the use of cosmetic products in hair salons and beauty centers, prioritizing the health and safety of customers and practitioners.

Key Guidelines for Salons:

Salons are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Avoid using cosmetic products without comprehensive labels.
  2. Refrain from creating mixtures, blending creams and oils, or using homemade formulations.
  3. Avoid using creams containing fruit acids such as AHA and BHA.
  4. Check hair straightening products like keratin for formaldehyde levels, ensuring they don’t exceed 0.2%.
  5. Avoid using creams with hydroquinone.
  6. Refrain from using creams containing corticosteroids or derivatives.
  7. Avoid using creams that claim skin whitening or slimming effects.
  8. Do not use cosmetic products for medical or therapeutic purposes.
  9. Ensure compliance with regulations regarding banned cosmetics.

Recent Inspections in Abu Dhabi:

In a related context, beauty centers in Abu Dhabi, including women’s beauty centers, children’s salons, and men’s salons, underwent inspections last week. 

Officials reviewed potential violations by owners and employees, emphasizing the verification of expiration dates for materials and the availability of effective sterilization equipment for tools.

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