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Sharjah Introduces Flexible Monthly Parking Permit

Sharjah Introduces Flexible Monthly Parking Permit

Sharjah Municipality has unveiled a new parking permit option, catering to motorists’ needs for flexibility and convenience. The latest subscription model allows individuals to acquire a one-month permit covering two specific zones of their choice. Priced at Dh166 and renewable monthly, this initiative aims to streamline parking services and address the growing demand for personalized parking solutions.

Hamed Al Qaidi, Director of Public Parking Management, emphasized that the introduction of this subscription aligns with the municipality’s commitment to enhancing service accessibility. It comes as a direct response to the increasing requests from users seeking monthly subscriptions tailored to their preferred areas.

Tailored Parking Solutions

The new permit offers motorists the flexibility to select two zones of their preference, providing greater convenience and control over their parking needs. With a simple subscription process and easy renewal options, residents and visitors alike can benefit from hassle-free parking arrangements.

Seasonal Plans and Special Discounts

In addition to the one-month permit, Sharjah Municipality offers various seasonal plans to suit different parking requirements. Motorists can opt for subscriptions ranging from 10 to 30 days, or choose longer-term plans spanning three, six, or twelve months. These plans provide access to over 70,000 parking spaces across the city, catering to diverse needs.

Furthermore, the municipality extends special discounts of up to 20% to specific categories of individuals, including retirees, elderly citizens, university students, and government employees residing in Sharjah City. Other eligible groups include beneficiaries of social welfare programs and holders of specific government-issued cards. These discounts aim to make parking more accessible and affordable for various segments of the community.

Application Process

To avail themselves of these special discounts, eligible individuals must apply through designated customer service centers. This ensures a streamlined process and efficient handling of applications, allowing eligible residents to enjoy reduced parking fees.

Enhanced Parking Services

The introduction of the one-month parking permit reflects Sharjah Municipality’s ongoing efforts to enhance parking services and address the evolving needs of residents and visitors. By offering flexible subscription options and special discounts, the municipality aims to make parking more accessible, convenient, and cost-effective for all.


Sharjah’s new monthly parking permit signifies a step forward in improving parking services and enhancing the overall urban experience. With customizable subscription options and special discounts available, motorists can enjoy greater convenience and affordability when parking in the city. As Sharjah continues to prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, residents and visitors can expect further improvements in parking infrastructure and services.

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