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Sharjah International Book Fair: A Playground for Young Minds

Children visiting the fair participate in a variety of activities, from reading and solving puzzles to completing aptitude tests and writing down their opinions.

Children at the fair enjoy various activities, from diving into books and solving puzzles to taking aptitude tests and expressing their thoughts on paper. Their artwork is proudly displayed on the walls of the counter.

Flag Day Celebrations in Hall 6:

In Hall 6, young minds not only immerse themselves in the pages of their beloved books but also express their thoughts through artwork. Many chose to paint the UAE flag in honor of Flag Day, celebrated on November 3.

Some young artists used their creative platform to address global issues. They drew Palestine flags and conveyed messages of peace and solidarity in light of the ongoing Gaza war.

Voices for Peace and Happiness:

Young voices resonated with concerns about children in war-torn regions. They expressed their hopes for peace and happiness and a better world for all.

Children’s artistic expressions varied from painting iconic architectural marvels like the Burj Khalifa alongside the UAE flag to capturing the beauty of the Palm Islands of Dubai.

Learning and Growth at the Korean Pavilion:

The Korean Pavilion in Hall 6 offered enriching sessions for kids. Children were taught problem-solving and how to overcome life challenges through small adjustments.

Empowering Young Minds:

Young attendees like John Franklin, aged 10, discovered the joy of pushing their mental capacity to solve riddles and problems. They learned that with determination and effort, any challenge can be overcome.

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