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Sharjah Implements Remote Learning Due to Severe Weather Conditions

Safety First: Sharjah Suspends School Activities and Sports Amid Weather Warnings

In response to adverse weather conditions forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sharjah Local Team for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management has announced the activation of a remote learning system for private schools across the emirate. Additionally, all competitions and sports activities overseen by the Sharjah Sports Council will be suspended during this period.

Proactive Measures to Ensure Public Safety

This decision comes as part of a broader effort to ensure public safety and minimize the risk associated with the current weather conditions, which include heavy rainfall and potential flooding. The Sharjah authorities are maintaining a heightened state of alertness and are ready to respond to the evolving weather scenario, emphasizing the community’s safety as a priority.

Guidelines for Residents During Weather Disruptions

The emergency team has issued guidelines urging residents to exercise caution, particularly when driving in rainy conditions. They are advised to avoid areas known for flooding and to stay clear of valleys, mountains, and coastal areas during the storm. The public is also warned about the dangers of approaching these high-risk areas until the weather stabilizes.

Ongoing Monitoring and Response

The Sharjah Local Team for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management continues to closely monitor the situation and is prepared to implement additional measures if necessary to protect lives and maintain essential services. The community is encouraged to stay informed through official channels and adhere to the guidelines issued to navigate through these adverse weather conditions safely.


The measures taken by the Sharjah authorities reflect a commitment to public safety and adaptability in face of natural challenges. By moving to remote learning and suspending public events, Sharjah is taking responsible steps to mitigate the impact of the severe weather and ensure that educational activities can continue safely and without interruption.

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