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Sharjah Charity International’s Humanitarian Mission: Drilling 8,437 Wells Globally

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Sharjah Charity International Addresses Global Drought with 8,437 Wells in 30 Countries

Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has taken a significant step towards alleviating the impact of drought worldwide by drilling 8,437 wells in 30 countries. This monumental initiative, at a cost of AED 30.6 million ($8.3 million), is part of SCI’s 2023 well and irrigation projects aimed at supporting communities suffering from water scarcity.

A Commitment to Sustainable Humanitarian Aid

SCI’s well-drilling projects, coordinated with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE embassies in the respective countries, align with the organization’s vision of providing sustainable humanitarian aid. By addressing the critical need for water in drought-affected regions, SCI is fulfilling its charitable mission on a global scale.

The Scope of SCI’s Water Aid Programmes

Mohammed Ibrahim bin Nassar, Director of the Institutional Communications and Marketing Department at SCI, emphasized the importance of water aid programmes, known as Suqia. SCI’s approach involves intensive studies to identify the areas most in need of water resources and methods of desalination, ensuring that aid reaches those who need it most.

Global Reach of the Initiative

The wells, varying in number and distribution, were drilled based on population needs, geographical characteristics, and cost considerations unique to each region. SCI’s work ranged from drilling 2,030 wells in India to establishing single wells in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kyrgyzstan, showcasing the organization’s dedication to providing relief wherever it is needed.

Embracing Renewable Energy for Water Provision

In a pioneering move, SCI has also focused on the establishment of large solar-powered water tanks, designed to provide drinking water to extensive population segments. This sustainable approach not only offers immediate relief but also contributes to the long-term well-being of communities by utilizing renewable energy.


SCI’s drilling of 8,437 wells across 30 countries is a testament to the UAE’s proactive role in global humanitarian efforts. By providing water access to those in drought-stricken areas, SCI is not only offering a lifeline but is also promoting sustainable practices that will serve communities for years to come.

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