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Sharjah Architecture Triennial Promotes Sustainability via Innovative Design

The Sharjah Architecture Triennial's second edition features a variety of structures made from reused telephone poles and raw construction materials.

An array of structures crafted from repurposed telephone poles, bamboo shoots, and raw construction materials is on display at the second edition of the Sharjah Architecture Triennial. 

The exhibition commenced in Sharjah and showcased creativity, innovation, and resourceful design solutions, emphasizing repurposed and sustainable materials.

A Platform for Sustainability and Creativity:

Curated by Lagos-based architect Tosin Oshinowo, the triennial features the work of 30 architects, designers, and studios from 26 countries. 

The installations, spanning four locations in the emirate, aim to champion sustainability, resilience, and equity in architecture.

Emphasis on Local Sourcing and Reusability:

The exhibitors were instructed to source materials locally and create reusable exhibits to minimize environmental impact. 

Inaugurating the event, Tosin Oshinowo highlighted the commitment to minimizing waste by selling back materials at a fraction of the cost after use, fostering a sustainable approach to exhibition practices.

Educational Initiatives and Public Engagement:

The exhibition, which is free to access, includes workshops for children, offering educational opportunities to visitors. 

Sheikha Hoor Bint Sultan Al Qassimi, President and Director of Sharjah Art Foundation, stressed the exhibition’s role in educating the public on sustainability and harmonious living with nature.

Sheikha Hoor revealed that several exhibitors have been approached by local companies interested in implementing their creations. 

This demonstrates the practical impact of the triennial on the city, fostering collaboration between designers and local businesses.

A Personal Tribute and Continued Commitment:

At the event’s opening, Sheikha Hoor paid tribute to her late twin brother, who played a pivotal role in urban planning in Sharjah. 

Despite his passing before witnessing the event’s progress, she remains committed to realizing the vision he shared for the impact of architecture and design on the city’s development.

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