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Shanaaz Aboo Baker: A Journey from Corporate IT to Spiritual Coaching

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From Financial Struggles to Empowering Others: An Inspiring Transformation

Raised by a single mother as the second of four children, Shanaaz Aboo Baker’s early life was marked by financial struggles. Despite these challenges, education held a place of paramount importance in their household. “My mother always said that we should be independent and not rely on anyone financially,” Shanaaz recalls. This emphasis on independence laid the foundation for her remarkable journey from the corporate world to becoming a spiritual coach and healer.

A Diverse Educational Background

Shanaaz’s academic journey is nothing short of impressive. She holds a BSc in neuroscience and has accumulated an array of certifications, including becoming a certified hypnotherapist and a master NLP practitioner. Her educational background, coupled with her innate spiritual gifts as a psychic and medium, positioned her uniquely for a career that blends science and spirituality. “I have been spiritually gifted since childhood,” Shanaaz explains, “and I’ve always felt a calling to use these gifts to help others.”

A Shift from Corporate to Coaching

For many years, Shanaaz excelled as an SAP IT consultant in an international corporate company within the motor industry. However, the desire for a more fulfilling career path kept tugging at her heartstrings. “I wanted to do something purposeful, something that would allow me to use my gifts and knowledge to make an impact on others,” she shares. This calling was not new; even while working in IT, she had been coaching and mentoring as a side hustle since 2009.

The birth of her son in 2015 was the turning point. Shanaaz decided to leave her corporate job and pursue her coaching business full-time. “I wanted time freedom and flexibility,” she says. “Being a mother and having a career is not easy, and I wanted to find a balance that allowed me to be present for my son while following my passion.”

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Success and Fulfillment

Shanaaz’s definition of success revolves around freedom and impact. “Success to me is having the freedom to choose what to do with your time,” she asserts. “Having time and location freedom while making an impact and helping others – that’s what truly matters.” This perspective has guided her career choices and brought her immense satisfaction. Speaking at a women’s summit to an audience of around 10,000 women, she found another platform to inspire and empower others.

Her focus now is on public speaking gigs and writing a book, endeavors that further extend her reach and influence. “I hope to be remembered as someone who inspired change and made a positive difference in the lives of all those who come across my work,” Shanaaz states.

Inspirations and Motivations

Shanaaz draws inspiration from strong women like Sara Al Madhani and is motivated by the understanding that challenges are opportunities for growth. “We need to change our perception and rewrite the narrative,” she says. “As humans, we are here to evolve, and challenging situations make us wiser and stronger.”

She emphasizes the importance of inner work and healing oneself. “It’s not easy, but you can’t help anyone if you’re constantly triggered and emotionally reactive,” Shanaaz advises. “Knowing your own darkness will help you deal with the darkness of others.”

A Life of Passion and Balance

Outside of her professional endeavors, Shanaaz enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, and trying new cuisines. She is an avid Formula 1 fan and plans to attend the race in Abu Dhabi this year. She also loves cooking, hosting friends and family, and indulging in fashion, skincare, and beauty.

Her curiosity and passion for learning drive her to continually study, attend courses, and participate in conferences. “I will forever be a student of life,” Shanaaz declares. “I’m always investigating new studies and seeking to expand my knowledge.”

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Making a Positive Impact

Shanaaz’s work focuses on helping her community heal their trauma, find meaning and purpose in life, and achieve their desires. “Most people are unfulfilled, doing the same thing every day and aren’t happy or satisfied,” she observes. “I help people find material and spiritual satisfaction in life. We need to be balanced in all aspects.”

Her journey is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion and the profound impact that a balanced, purpose-driven life can have on others. “I have achieved a lot of success in my life, personally and professionally,” Shanaaz reflects. “I get to be with my kids because I have time and location freedom. I get to travel and do what I love while not sacrificing anything. My business has reached multiple seven figures, and I am incredibly grateful.”

Ultimately, Shanaaz’s greatest joy comes from the feedback she receives from her clients. “I love hearing that I’ve made a positive impact on their lives and lifestyles,” she says. “It’s a reminder that following my calling was the right decision.

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