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Severe Spinal Deformity: Jordanian Woman’s Remarkable Journey

For years, a Jordanian woman known as MK faced severe physical limitations. Unable to lift her head, sit, or stand upright, the 75-year-old found herself confined to her home, missing out on family gatherings and losing the confidence to step outside.

MK’s struggle stemmed from a spinal deformity that left her spine curved at an alarming 85 degrees. Multiple fractures, attributed to osteoporosis, further exacerbated her condition, making even basic movements a challenge.

Seeking Hope at Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital:

Despite consulting various doctors over the years, MK was told there was no permanent remedy for her condition. However, specialists at Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital (MOSH) provided a glimmer of hope.

Under the care of Dr. Thaer Darwish, a consultant neuro and spine surgeon at MOSH, MK underwent a complex yet minimally invasive surgery. 

The procedure aimed to address her severe kyphosis, characterized by the forward rounding of the upper back and the fractures caused by osteoporosis.

A Novel Approach to Surgery:

Recognizing the challenges posed by MK’s severe osteoporosis, the medical team at MOSH opted for a novel and complex surgical technique. 

Deviating from traditional methods, the procedure involved a keyhole incision, allowing for a 39-degree reversal of the kyphosis. Cement augmentation was also employed to address fractures and prevent further complications.

Despite the patient’s age and the case’s complexity, the six-hour surgery was carried out without complications. MOSH’s advanced system enabled real-time spinal cord and nerve monitoring, preventing nerve damage during the procedure.

Regaining Mobility and Embracing Life:

Following the successful surgery, MK expressed her gratitude, stating, “After years of enduring pain and missing out on special moments with my family, I can now appreciate the simple pleasures of life.” 

The remarkable reversal of her condition has allowed her to regain mobility and savor life to the fullest.

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