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Seeding Drones: Transforming Abu Dhabi’s Ecosystems

Abu Dhabi has teamed with Dendra, a premier environmental technology business, to revitalise its ecosystems.

Abu Dhabi, aiming to rejuvenate its ecosystems, has partnered with Dendra, a leading environmental technology company. 

The focal point of this collaboration? Seeding drones capable of reforesting areas are equivalent to over 100 football fields per day. 

These drones aren’t just flying carriers; they’re equipped to carry 53 different species of seeds, precisely noting where each seed is planted. Monitoring the success of this ecological restoration is part of their repertoire.

Technology Meets Environmental Conservation:

The heart of this endeavor lies in the fusion of data, artificial intelligence, and environmental solutions. Abu Dhabi’s initiative isn’t solely about aerial seeding; it’s a comprehensive strategy leveraging tech and data to protect local species, preserve habitats, and restore the ecological balance in wild and mangrove areas.

Dendra’s approach bypasses hurdles commonly associated with traditional seed dispersal. By employing drones, they accelerate the cultivation and planting, accessing remote regions previously inaccessible. 

Remarkably, this method reintroduces native species to arid landscapes sans irrigation, strategically choosing locations with optimal annual rainfall.

A Vision for Sustainable Ecosystems:

Anas Jawdat Albarguthi, COO at ADQ, emphasizes Abu Dhabi’s commitment to creating an “R&D-powered supply chain” dedicated to rekindling native plant life across deserts and mangroves.

In Al Dhafra, the initial arid restoration trials are already underway, showcasing the potential of aerial seeding in deserts. 

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) spearheads the trial’s analytical phase, a pivotal step in determining the feasibility of large-scale rehabilitation projects. Their extensive survey covering 10,000 hectares sets the stage for futuristic initiatives.

Ahmed Al Hashmi, Executive Director of Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity at EAD, emphasizes mapping natural vegetation and its intersection with human impact. 

Drone technology becomes pivotal in rehabilitating habitats, aligning with the overarching goal of conserving native ecosystems.

Dendra’s Contribution and Innovations:

Dr. Susan Graham, CEO at Dendra, lauds their technology’s adaptability in preserving and restoring ecosystems facing unique challenges. With its vast arid landscapes and extensive coastline, Abu Dhabi exemplifies such complexities.

In an earlier venture, ADQ and EAD collaborated to deploy 3D-printed terracotta-based reef tiles, a joint initiative with Archireef. 

This innovative move aids in coral restoration along Abu Dhabi’s coastline in the Arabian Gulf, showcasing a commitment to holistic environmental restoration.

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